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I know I have not been here that long but I would like to ask if there is anyone who enjoys teaching that would be willing to walk me through a couple of forge welds in person.  I have studied the academic information and know the theory behind it but I am coming up short on the application.  I would travel to your forge and provide the fuel/steel if someone is willing.  I do not have a lot of money I could pay for your instruction but I am fairly decent at forging knives so I would be willing to trade a knife as payment to sweeten the deal if necessary.  I am willing to travel anywhere in between Augusta and Savannah...Thanks, Chris

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You could always come down to Savannah on the third Saturday of the month and I'm sure someone could show you. We will be meeting March 17th at Keller's Flea Market ( We will be there from 8 -12. 


Sounds like a plan I did not know that could be a part of a meeting.  I will be at the April meeting then.  I am taking my son on a fishing trip this weekend out of town or I would come Saturday.  Thanks for letting me know. 

Well this message us nearly a year old and smith’s are spread wide round here.... I live outside Brooklet and my Smith work is a hobby here on the farm. I imagine I like others prefer to work in their own shops. My mobile is 404-213-8112 and yes I know that’s an Atlanta number but I’m now retired to the farm and everyone in my life has my mobile number as it’s been mine 25 years.

My wife and I will try to make it to Keller’s this Sat the 18th. I drive a big white truck with a black camper shell that has rack on its roof.

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